Kedi Healthcare
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Revive & Vigor Essential offers Treatment for:
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* Impotence.
* Prostatitis (Inflammation of prostrate).
* Prostrate Cancer.
* Mental Imbalance.
* Low sperm vitality.
* Depression.
* Body building.
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FREE DELIVERY to offices and homes. Delivery available to all states in Nigeria, UK, USA & Europe.
Registering as a Kedi Distributor is Ā£10 or $15 or N4000. It is cheaper to join as a distributor and save money when buying your products. You can make lots of money selling the products.
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Pls call, email or visit us at
3, Child & World Avenue, Abule Egba, Lagos.
TEL.: 08023430794, 08098430794,
Kedi Healthcare Vigor Essential Cure Treat Male Impotence. Lagos Nigeria. 07067751265