INTRODUCTION TO THE H2I Income Empowerment

Dear Reader,

My Name is Mr. Samuel O. Olaolorun, a Website Designer, Author, Blogger and an Entrepreneur. I am writing this to introduce to you and your entire sphere of contacts to a lasting, sure, reliable and the fastest way to financial empowerment and freedom in our world today. It’s an empowerment system that is reliable and forever sustainable; it is called Helping Hands International (H2i).

Helping Hands International’s vision is to help and globally empower people financially. Our vision is to touch lives of people (non members) through our members, to the end that they’ll be skillfully empowered FREE OF CHARGE, thereby creating wealth and job opportunities for themselves.

By your registering  TODAY to be a help partner of H2i with a one-time payment of $40 and every person around you, whether in your church- as a pastor or not, school, group, family, e.t.c, can be financially empowered for life and have access to free ipads, laptops, housing fund, 2 Cars and much more, all for free. These and many more incentives and lots of cash are given to you at various stages (stage 1 to stage 5); mind you, you NEVER have to pay any additional money to get these things, and no selling of products either.

H2i is presently the easiest and fastest way to earn money and get a brand new car within 12months or less. It is true, $40 can get you a brand new car. All you have to do is to;
[1] Register one or multiple accounts,
[2] Start referring people around you and start earning immediately.
It is a simple and a straight forward system. H2i is spreading globally very fast.

You can call us on 09021672181 for any enquiry and join our whatsapp group

Be the first to register among your friends, group, church, school e.t.c. then with a combined effort from every person that will be placed in your team, you are guaranteed to have a brand new Hyundai Elantra 2015 0r 2016 Model, within the next 8-10 months.

You can also get interest free loan, brand new car, residual income for life, help for your family and the needy as a partner, personal house allowance, free international trip abroad, child educational support fund, financial freedom and more…. When you become a help partner with us with just $40

Call/ Text/whatsapp me @ 09021672181
Mr. Samuel O. Olaolorun

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