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To live a life of high achievement, you
must fully believe in yourself and your
Find me an extremely successful person
who doesn’t greatly believe in
themselves. It’s not going to happen.
Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr.,
Michael Jordan, Elon Musk and Mark
Cuban are just a few highly successful
individuals who benefited greatly from
this confidence. However, it’s not their
levels of success that I want to talk
about. It’s their willingness to get up
again and again when they failed or
experienced a setback while in pursuit
of creating the life of their dreams.
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They were only able to keep going and
achieve success because of the level of
belief in themselves despite the
enormous amount of failures they
had experienced for years leading up to
their big breakthroughs. Their belief is
what created a vision so big that they
didn’t care how many times they failed
at something. They were eventually
going to get to where they wanted to
Especially as a business owner and
entrepreneur, you are most definitely
going to fail and experience a loss or
setback at some point. If it hasn’t
happened already, it eventually will.

That’s not to be negative or discourage
you, that’s just life. But when it does
happen, and when your belief is strong,
no failure or setback will have the
power to completely wipe you out.
Belief in yourself is the name of the
Here are two of my daily habits that
have consistently helped me increase
my belief in myself and shatter all self-
imposed limitations.
Count your wins.

As human beings we naturally have the
tendency to get stuck on the negative
and think about all of our losses for the
day, instead of counting our wins and
finding all of the good that took place.

I use my gratitude journal to capture all
of my wins at the end of each day. This
can be the wins from today, last week,
last month or even last year. It doesn’t
really matter when, but the key is to
just get in the habit of capturing all of
your wins. This will bring you a
complete sense of joy that will let you
know that you have done some
incredible things in the past and
remind you that even bigger things can
happen in the future.


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