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SINGLE LADIES SERIES; Episode 5>>> Topic: Adeyemi My Lover

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Adeleke Bukola Christiana (Bukkytrendz)

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SINGLE LADIES SERIES>>> Topic: Adeyemi My Lover


Dear Single Lady,

How have you been? I hope the fuel pump price
isn’t a problem for you, I trust my God to always
provide for you even when things seem to be hard.



I welcome you to this week’s Single Ladies Series, be blessed as you read through the rest of the article. READ MORE>>>>
Last time we talked about the broken marriage
where we analyzed the broken lady and how she
can gather every broken pieces of her life and get
back to her feet.
I’m sure that broken lady has willed her sick bed
to someone else who needs it and I’m certain she
is back to her feet.
As we know that this is a platform for building a
healthy relationship with ourselves, our Lord
(Jesus Christ) and our spouse. And so in this
article, we will be seeing how she can recognize
love, have a healthy love relationship and how to
maintain such healthy and godly relationship which
leads us to this beautiful topic that would interest


Love between people almost always has its
complications. This is because people are
complicated. We can love too much, or not
enough. We can feel it but not know how to show
it. We can struggle to find it or be unsure if we’ve
found it or not. And sometimes we think it’s still
there, but we can feel it ebbing away and don’t
know how to restore it to it’s full glory.
I told you in one of my articles titled Finding The
One For Me that the first thing to do to find the one
is to be the one. Yes, i’ll say it again, become that
person you want your man to be first, that is how
you can attract the man of your choice. If you want
a born again, dedicated, committed,and patient
husband then you have to be all that.
Another vital thing is to “Be yourself”. Don’t
pretend to be who you are not because you want
to have Adeyemi’s love and attention.


Isn’t it just so tempting to reinvent yourself when
you meet somebody new like Adeyemi who you
really fancy? Or to try and be who you think
Adeyemi is looking for? Yes, it could be tempting
but you shouldn’t, because you might manage it
for a month or a year, but it’s going to be tough
keeping such act up forever. And what if he finds
out in a few months’ or years’ time, when you
finally crack? He is not going to be very
impressed, nor would you be if it was him who
turned out to have been acting out of character all
You can try to turn a new leaf or improve yourself
in areas you are lacking, of course it’s a good
thing. You can try to be more organized, or less
negative. That’s fine, but you can’t change your
basic personality, it’s won’t end well. I’m sure
you’ve heard of “denaturation of proteins”, if you’ve
not you will like to look it up on Google. Changing
your personality can get you denatured.

importantly, if you fake it, you will attract someone
who belongs with a person that isnt you. There is
someone out there who wants exactly the kind of
person you are, don’t force Adeyemi to love you if
he doesn’t. Proverbs 18:22 says ‘he who finds a
wife finds a good thing’, if Adeyemi finds you to be
the one for him, then he finds a good thing and if
not, another better man will find you because you
are a good thing.
Thirdly, learn to enjoy your own company. Be
happy on your own. You won’t be happy with a
Adeyemi until you can be happy on your own. Too
many people stay in unhappy relationships
because they are scared to be alone. Even when
the man continue to beat them, they still claim to
love him because they think they can’t exist
without him.
Learn to enjoy living alone, so that when you
chose to start with a new partner, it’s for the right
reasons. Being alone is great, but being with him
is even better. Remember there won’t be such
relationship nor marriage in heaven according to
the book of Matthew 22:30. We will be like angels
and I’m not sure there is such thing like male or
female angel.
I learnt that you will know your future partner when
you meet him. Sincerely, I don’t know if this is
entirely true. Some people may know the instant
they meet with him and that he is the person
they’ve been looking for all their life. But it doesn’t
work like that for everyone. One thing I am certain
of is this, whether you know the instant you meet
him or it takes a while for you to be sure, you will
definitely know it is Adeyemi. Yes, you will know if
he is one.
It may take weeks or months to be sure, but until
you really are sure, you shouldn’t be making a
permanent commitment. Adeyemi may be sure
sooner than you are, we are all different. But don’t
allow him to pressurize you into making a decision
before you are ready. Take your time to pray well
and hear from God.
Adeyemi my lover should be a person who makes
me laugh.
Good looks are good but a good sense of humor
will last you long after everything else seem to
have gone. A sense of humor is a very personal
thing, and some people can make us laugh more
than others. He could be very intelligent , hard
working and very spiritual, but if he does not make
you laugh without touching you,that could be
dangerous. You want to be happy and want
someone who can even make you laugh at
yourself. That will help your relationship and i
hope you can also make him laugh.
Relationships are not about sex. Of course, you
must be attracted to each other before you say
yes. But the best relationships will last a lifetime,I
hope you know that your libido may not. Apart
from mistaking Lust for Love and exposing
yourself to Sexually Transmitted Diseases, you will
also expose your destiny to Sexually Transmitted
Demons. Yes, there are demons that are
transmitted through sex. How I wish you can lay
your hands on a message preached by Pastor
Peter Alabi of Rhema world on Sexually
Transmitted Demons, then you will know what you
are in for when you get into fornication. Above all
is the scriptural backing of that point which is 1
Corinthians 6:18-20. Your body is the temple of
God, you should not use the temple of God for
I shall leave you with this while I prepare for the
second part of this article, where I believe the
HolySpirit will help us to learn how to keep a
godly and healthy relationship.
I pray my Father will help us not to miss it in life
especially in marriage and above all that we will
not miss our home (heaven) in Jesus Name.

Single Ladies Series, read through the rest of our article. READ MORE>>>>
I celebrate you and I love you permanently.

Yours Sincerely,

pwettie trendz

Adeleke Bukola Christiana (Bukkytrendz)


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