I love house chores but dishes?🍲🍚 (I just don’t like washing them) 😣, however most times washing dishes is inevitable because he who eats must be ready to wash dishes.:)

This fateful evening, it was ‘dish time’ and I struggled through washing the dishes, I heaved a sigh of relief:'(when I finally put the last piece in the plate rack (the kinda sigh a university student gives when he hears that ASUU strike is finally over😂).

Glad I had finished, I turned in the direction of my room but was taken aback by something on the cooker staring at me 👀👀………..  It was a POT; a pot I forgot to wash.


I was so annoyed that I angrily 😈 shouted at the POT, “so you can’t talk abi”, at this point I imagined 😤 how simpler life would be if inanimate objects could talk but again I thought about how many pieces of meat I had ‘taken’ silently (I didn’t steal o🙈) and quickly told God to forgive my ignorance and not grant that wish.😷 (else d pots will start reporting me. LOL.

Assertively I said, “I can’t wash this pot again, it has to wait till the next dish time” and lazily dashed into my room👣👣 where I continued my movie💻.

It was 8pm, we had finished dinner and I was about to settle down for my best tv programme📺 (who wants to be a millionaire), when my mum in her high pitched soprano voice called my name, I prayed in my heart, ‘please mummy, not now’ 😑😠, I didn’t answer and  waited for the ‘confirmation call (that moment you pray that the first wasn’t for you :|), this time I answered and went to the kitchen where she asked why I didn’t wash that POT, I obviously had no reasons 😒 so she asked me to wash it immediately and she even added some trays she felt had become dusty and some other unnecessary things :'(:'(:'(. 

I wanted to cry but I couldn’t (so I cried inside and frowned outside). But guess what, Nigerian mothers don’t care about your frown! 👩🏽👩🏽👩🏽👩🏽

That night I missed that programme 😠:'( just because I didn’t wash ‘that one POT’ 👿 I had to go through this interesting story to make my point.

‘That one POT’ stopped me from watching my favourite programme. That seem insignificant right? .

‘That one POT’ refers to those little details or sometimes obvious details we overlook because of procrastination, laziness or even fear, that later costs us some other much more important thing; the things we should have done but gave excuses for and now we regret 😟


That one pot to a student is that material you didn’t read that was the compulsory question in the examination 😦

To the  business man  it is that business plan/idea you postponed its execution that you now watch it’s advertisement by another company 😒

To a man, “That pot” is that girl you didn’t propose to because you think she’s going to be there forever but has now picked her wedding date (not with you😝)

The truth is that my mummy helped me by calling my attention to my one POT but  sometimes we don’t even get to wash that one POT again because it has been moved or even washed by another.

The annoying part is that ‘the one POT’ may even take away the time that could have been diverted into more productive ventures.

But the good news is some of us are still in the washing process and can still look out for that POT and some of us are even staring at ‘that one POT’ now and can still make a decision to wash it because no one knows what may happen next.

I am now a certified dish washer😂😂😂. I now check 👀👀 for pots, plates, spoons even under the cooker (before one POT would now spoil my shine).

Wash ‘that one pot’. :mrgreen::mrgreen: