Essence of Love

Culture and society dictate the formal understanding of love, and in doing so sets about demarking all the expressions and behaviours that depict love. In doing so, it dilutes love for what it truly is, and sets about commoditising it. It illustrates it as a soft temperament that is never ruptured by melancholy, despair and regret, thus being homogenised by Disney, Hallmark and just about every entity that may be able to market love as the pinnacle of life, clad with the all the trimmings of unrivalled joy.
Now after all is said and done people don’t get the fact that love is just another word added to the dictionary to confuse the mind of teenagers growing up reading mills and booms and dreaming of a magical fairy tale romance in the process getting their head messed up.
In the years pass, many ups and down happens in our relationships before we finally get it right.
After a lady meet a guy (Her Heart Robb), and fall helplessly in love and then the word comes out sorry dear i don’t think this would work,am not what your looking for or the timing isn’t just right!!!
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Love cannot be universalised, nor can it be subject to criteria that can deliberate upon whether someone is in love, or loves someone. The great anguish that we, as human beings, are fraught with fright by is not knowing whether we truly have cultivated true love for someone – as often we go about our lives not knowing what is under our nose – only until these things come to an end and the anguish of remorse and regret pours over us. Perhaps this is because the understanding we have of love has been spoon-fed to us in a fracas of consumerism in the hopes that the measure of love can be demonstrated through financial splendour and ill-fated endeavours.

So long as we accept every fashionable tenet of love, and preserve it as truth and the pinnacle of love, then we will ultimately never find what love truly is to us. I do not have a definition of love, nor do I presuppose that anyone else’s understanding of such is superior to another’s; I only posit that perhaps everything we thought we knew about love taught to us through our environment is actually a diluted and false illustration of something that revels in the rawness and sporadic nature of people. We have been taught to always revere love as the epitome of selflessness and of happiness, yet it is the ones who we love so tirelessly who we always seem to hurt. The compromise of our efforts and of our lives is what leads us to this intimacy with misery, that which puts many in foetal positions.
When will it ever be?
Love just makes you sick all the time but people always say till you find the right one you are just playing douche ball hmmm well to all the love sick people out there trust me when i say your time would come and surely you will meet Mr & Mrs Right Someday. READ MORE>>>