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Single Ladies Series Episode 4: BROKEN MARRIAGE

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Adeleke Bukola Christiana (Bukkytrendz)

C.E.O & Founder at Trendz Fashion World

Dear Single Lady,

How has been your week? May you experience rains of fruitfulness always in Jesus Name.
I welcome you to this week’s Single Ladies Series, be blessed as you read through the rest of the article. READ MORE>>>>


What happens when a lady becomes married to a man she believes she loves and loves her back yet after few months or years everything becomes tangled and strange? She no longer receive the care and love she gets initially, her food is no longer tasty, her voice becomes a noise, and her personality becomes contemptuous.
What could have gone wrong?

Is it that she no longer carry the feminine charm she possesses earlier?
Has she lost her great cooking skills with time?
Has she lost her beautiful voice and charisma because of childbearing?
Has she accumulated baby fat and lost her gorgeous shape?

Why has the marriage lost its flavor only after some years?
What exactly could have gone wrong within that period of time?
I have thought about it but came up with no reasonable answer, I won’t give up until I find a good reason.
Do you know either?

single ladies

Even if I don’t know the reason for the series of changes that occurs and leads to a broken marriage, I have seen the results of a broken marriage and only few exceptions.
The products of broken marriages are usually the broken ladies.
Some of them experienced how their fathers or step fathers as the case may be beat their mothers especially for flimsy reasons.
Worse is that some of them have been sexually abused by their parents’ house help or smart neighbors at a very young age during their family crises.
They feel bent out of shape, some things that happens to them leaves them disfigured inwardly most times. They are bowed under the weight and pressure that comes from deep, dark secrets and traumas that have left them twisted and misfigured.

Incidents leap out of their past and hold them hostage, forever chained to emotional pain.
Events from long ago permanently alter some of these women; the wounds might not be fresh, but the scars last a lifetime and may never completely heal.
Soft, salty tears frequently falls from the faces of these ladies who have been through trauma too personal to be discussed and yet too evident to be hidden.
They are haunted by memories of things they want to forget. It is not unusual for these ladies to wake in the night with a start.

They weep at a movie not because of the plot, but because they relate to the victim.
When the sapling is bent, then the tree becomes twisted. We see the tree and it’s twisted branches but God sees the sapling.
The grown lady is the one who dresses in nice gowns and wears pretty make overs on her face but the abused child in her is the one that curls up and cries in the night. It is the child in her that longs to be healed. No matter how old the lady gets, she is still been affected by the child stage of her life. We see the lady and her radiant smile but God knows that she is still wrestling with the misalignment of the child stage.
Likewise, every man who ever held a woman, every minister who ever counseled such lady, soon realizes that he is dealing with the results and influences of her past experiences.
They are broken little girls grown taller but still bent over. They have to run from arm to arm, from man to man. They have run until they are tired of seeing the same things happen over and over again. To run without direction is like running rapidly in a circle. You spend a lot of energy, but you have so few results.
Sometimes, when hurt becomes too much, it is easier to shut down and become encased in a hard, protective shell where help nor love can reach.
If you are such lady that I described earlier and you have not been able to cry your pain to sleep, just run to Him. Run, little feet. The Father awaits you. He knows the child you were, the lady you have become and the woman you will be. Surrender all to him reckless abandonment and I assure you of not ending up like your parents.

Missing a good and successful marriage entails more than we can ever imagine. And I hope you know that marriage has become the most targeted area by the enemy and his ugly subordinates.
I pray that God will give you all that it take to have a successful marriage in Jesus Name.


I love and celebrate you.

Yours Sincerely,

Adeleke Bukola Christiana (Bukkytrendz)

C.E.O & Founder at Trendz Fashion World


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