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Phone Numbers Are Essential To Our Day To Day Lives Because It Helps Us Connect With The Rest of The World. Although Your Network Provider Does Most Of The Work But A Network And A Phone Number Is Just Like A WiFi And Internet They Need To Work Hand In Hand.

Today I Would Introduce You To A New Website Which Can Help You Add A UK No To Your Already Working Nigerian Number.
Before I Proceed Please Not That Is Post Is For Educational Purposes Only!

This websites give you free  UK telephone numbers which can be programmed to divert to any UK phone and most international phones lines. The Service is free! and no charges whatsoever. You can give out the UK Number to your people to contact you on, without giving out your real number.
Features of the site am talking about:
Free UK Number offers.
No Payments
No Fees
No Contracts
Re-Route your number in seconds
New numbers added everyday
Unlimited numbers can be added
Your number can be ready in less than 60 seconds
Ability to change your Caller Identification
Free National and International Diversion
Control panel are designed very easy to
Once you have registered you can login to your account and add any number from a list of around a 100. Once you have chosen your new number you can then setup where in the world you would like it diverted too. Most worldwide landlines and mobile phones are accepted.
Once you have completed the setup process, all your settings are instantly updated to their network, you can then proceed to use your number. If any mistakes are made during the setup process or you decide that you want to change what caller identification your number transmits to you, or even the routing information; you can simply select “My Numbers” and make the required changes. All changes take effect instantly and there is no limit to the amount of changes you wish to make.

To start enjoying this services click on below link:
Get Your Free Uk Numbers Here

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