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Blog Tips to Re-check
In order to grow a successful blog there are
certain factors to consider. The blog tips we’ve
written here derive from our observations while
curating thousands of submitted blogs. We’d like
to highlight some of those tips for newer
members of our blogger community, as well as
remind them to our loyal bloggers.

1. Visualize your blog post through images and
Writing great content is essential. It’s also
important to complement your written content and
catch reader’s attention through an image, video
or illustration related to your blog post. Creative
media helps increase the engagement and allows
blog readers understand whether the post is
relevant and interesting to them. Remember to
optimize image size, so that it’s just right for blog
layout and doesn’t delay page loading.


2. Keep blog content per page at a reasonable
Too much content on a single page takes time to
load and makes the blog less responsive overall.
This affects blog readers as well as search
engines checking your updates. Most blog
readers might not be patient and wait till the page
loads completely. As well as search engines favor
websites that load fast. In this context, 5 to 10
blog posts on a single page is recommended.

Check the next link for more related blog tips.

3. Share and promote your blog
As now many say – “Content is King, Distribution
is Queen”. Having a new blog post published on
your blog is a great start. To have it read and
reach out to more blog readers – the content has
to be distributed and brought right in front of the
readers. There are multiple social platforms where
readers spend their time. Depending which
audience you are targeting, share and promote
your blog on social media platforms that are
common to your potential blog readers. Our goal
at BlogUpp is to support you in that through
multiple content distribution channels, by helping
bloggers connect, feature blogs and help readers
discover authentic blog content. Note that we also
share your blog to Facebook / Twitter, when you
enable cross-posting feature. Be advised to check
your cross-posting from time to time to maintain
it active, as described here.

4. Update blogs at least once every couple of
Blogs updated more frequently are generally
favored in search results, keep blog readers more
engaged and loyal. Blogging takes time and it’s
understood that some bloggers make pauses in
publishing to their blogs. Nevertheless, it’s
recommended to write in the blog at least once in
a while, to let existing blog readers know that
they still should follow the blog. Note that as part
of blog curation process we might deactivate the
blog service for blogs that haven’t been updated
for more than 6 months. After a while without
posting it is advisable to re-submit your blog with
us in order to reactivate content distribution.

5. Check your blog RSS feed
Blog syndication services rely on RSS feeds to
pull and distribute content accordingly. For feeds
generated by third party services (like Feedburner)
it’s worth checking them periodically to make
sure they are functional and valid. During our
blog review and periodical analysis, we are
noticing feeds becoming invalid, while the blogs
themselves are active. Note that feed errors may
also be caused by certain uncommon symbols
inserted in your blog posts. For tips on fixing blog
RSS feeds, please check this blog post.

6. Upgrade your blog
Established bloggers with a solid audience need
to consider upgrading their blogs, in order to
sustain blog growth. That includes, among others,
moving to a professional custom domain, re-
evaluate the publishing platform, update the
template and design as per blogger’s posting
needs. Blog upgrade requires preparation in
advance, such as securing your desired blog
domain name early and studying content
migration options. Full time bloggers or teams of
bloggers publishing to shared blogs more than a
couple of blog posts per day, might also consider
amplifying blog content distribution with premium
While most blog tips seem obvious, they are not
always applied – hence we encourage you to do
so, for the success of your blog and yours.

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