Adeleke Bukola Christiana (Bukkytrendz)
C.E.O & Founder at Trendz Fashion World

Writer: Adeleke Bukola Christiana (Bukkytrendz)
C.E.O & Founder at Trendz Fashion World

Dear Single Lady,
How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying your single hood, please do. I welcome you to this week’s Single ladies series, relax as you read through and explore this article.
                                                  Topic: FINDING THE ONE FOR ME.
It is important that before yearning to know or meet the one, the lady becomes the one and she also knows her worth.   


Have you looked down on yourself because of some horrible events that took place in your life?
                                                            Are you still stuck to that sick bed and wish to die in it? You’ve been on that bed for too long, Common!

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Get up and will the bed to
somebody else who needs it. You need not remain that prudish, weak lady who has no ambition or goals. There is a woman inside of you screaming ‘let me out’, why not allow her come out and do things better, stop being timid!

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far more above rubies Proverbs 31:10.

Yes, the woman is a star, she is full of strength and wisdom. She is progressive, resourceful and of course ‘Balanced’.

Balanced because she has and maintain all elements in their proportion. All parts of her life and all aspect of her life is fully developed.
                                                          “A woman of excellence is like a thorough bred, graceful and strong, a creature of rare beauty. She is a winner.

She is a diamond that has started as coal but turned into a jewel.

She is as rich in class as white wine served in a chilled, gold-stemmed goblet, whirled around and then sniffed before tasting.

She is an exquisite wonder that this generation seldom behold. What can I say? She is simply a lady”—-Bishop T.D Jakes.
                                                            There is more to being a lady than being a female. A real lady is unique and valuable. She is a sensitive, temperate and competent woman who has ambitions yet possesses class and finesse. She is a woman with a dream.

You were created to be the softer shade of blue. In spite of the past pain, you must open your heart or you will suffocate your creativity, stiffle your feelings and diminish the brief moments of life you have by living in a vacuum for fear of pain.                                                                                                               Even with this knowledge of who you are , i’ m sure you still want to find the one?

Question :How can you find the one?

Answer: Don’t find the one.



You must be frowning at that statement right now.  Yes, don’t find the one. In Genesis 2:21-23, the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man (Adam) and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. And God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man. So, Adam called her ‘Woman’ because she was taken out of man.


                                                         Man was created with the woman hidden in his being. God then brought out of him that hidden part called a woman.  This removal left a void in the man and this creates man’s attraction for her. 

Now you know the reason it seems a man is always attracted to a woman. She is the softer side of him. He usually long for that softer side that was taken out of him and whenever he moves close to her, he is actually embracing the softer side of himself and if he is wise, he does it with all of his strength.


Tenderness and passion erupts when he has the knowledge that he is somehow loving the softer side of him, abi which man after knowing this will still suffer his own flesh and bone, no, not a sane man. “So husband’s should love their own wives as their own bodies…Ephesians 5:28-29”.
                                                      Lady, you are an important part of him and he cannot do without you. He needs you just as much as you need him. You are not meant to throw yourself at him or run from one mountain to another searching desperately for him. You should go about doing your normal business, nourish your mind, soul and spirit with the right things. Be hard working even in the field you find yourself.
                                                            You need not be too available, you are too precious to be predictable and available to every onlooker who passes by you . Nonetheless, don’t be too far away. Don’t go running after Brother Daniel because he is the Choir cord and he looks like a husband material.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, so let him do the finding first. Adam was already created and the garden of Eden already took shape before Eve was formed, Adam  was already complete before Eve complimented as a help mete. So, relax and let things take shape first, don’t be too eager to get attached. Use the period to prepare and equip yourself to become a blessing to the one . God will give you the one when you are mature for.

It is also  important you live in your purpose, because  you can be heading towards Zimbabwe and the one is heading towards Zamfara, how do you expect to meet?

Also, don’t go down in your effort to look for the one, Samson went down and yoked himself with an unbeliever and he landed in a big trouble.                                                 
Please, disengage yourself from the wrong one. When the right one comes and find his space occupied by the wrong one, he might just turn back.
I hope you make use of these things even as you pray.
                                                            Lady, you are the hope of the children and the life support of your lover, your husband, your man – Proverbs 31:24-28.

Treat yourself as such. Don’t lose your relevance

I celebrate you and I love you permanently.                    

Yours sincerely,                                            Adeleke Bukola Christiana (Bukkytrendz)
C.E.O & Founder at Trendz Fashion World