Dealing with life issues


Why do groups split up? Why do
neighbors quarrel?

All these and many more tend to occur
when we forget an underlining constant
is a constant in life so many of us tend to
take little care of, life is meant to be lived
to the full and it can’t be lived alone ,
whether we want to or not , whether we
like it or not , whether we try to shut and
block people out or not , they are still just
always there;talk about the family
members or the friends that don’t get it
that you need to be alone or the lousy
next door neighbor,let us not forget those
annoying fellow road users or when you
are taking a stroll and that persons hits
you either by mistake and you are just
wondering ‘haven’t this person got
eyes?’ . Whether we like it or not we are
stuck with this constant just like the
orders; birth,death,time and change .


Relationship with other humans is also a
constant . I like to say it’s the most
important, the TIME spent between BIRTH
and DEATH and the CHANGES we are
constantly going through are all
relationship with human, irrespective of
what you are doing – building a house ,
expanding your enterprise, just surviving
is a sequence between human

Having the wrong relationship with
people is one thing that can totally
destroy one and being in the right right
relationship whatever kind it is:
friendship, the neighbors-relationship,the
working relationship,the class mate kind ,
the lovers kind even among relatives, you
name it . Once you have the right attitude
to the relationships, you will get to have
your own feel of heaven on earth.
What is this right attitude to
relationship one might ask ?

with other humans is life itself , it needs
to be nourished , tended to , cared for so
it doesn’t die . Pay attention to the way
you treat people around you. I for one
treat people exactly the way I want to be
treated .

I don’t like to be cheated so I do not cheat
I do not like to be lied to or lied against so
I avoid “LIE”as much as possible.
I hate quarrels so I hate being the cause of
I hate to be looked down upon so I do not
look down anybody irrespective of who
you are.
I do not like to be called insultive names
so I don’t use it on others.

Everyone was born free and equal, no one
is superior . You might be more successful
than I am , you might be more privileged
than I am , you might be more talented
than I am , you might be more intelligent
than I am , you might even be older than
me but do not treat me any less than a

Do not do what you can never
accept to another human being.

Do not
betray your friend if you cannot stand
traitors .

Do not cheat on your spouse if
you cannot stand him admiring a
beautiful dress on another lady .

Do not
break that guys heart if you can commit
suicide if he ever tries the same .

Do not
pour that dirt where you are fully aware
your neighbor packs his car .

Do not lie
against your sibbling just because you are
your parent’s favorite . Do not hurt that
person , do not cheat that person , do not
commit that crime just because you can
get away with it , just because you can ,
just because you have the power .

You can stop that divorce today just by
being humble , you don’t have to retort
that insult , NO it doesn’t make you a fool,
it makes you the bigger person , it makes
you the better person. Just let what he
said to you for the moment slide , let
what she said for the moment slide , let
what they did for the moment slide . I
know it hurts like hell believe I do know
what it’s like to be hurt , betrayed , lied
to , put down , have noone be there for
me but I refused to let it get me down , I
kept telling myself that’s not who I am , I
am better than this , I’ll pull through this .

Just like I’m telling you right now
YOU ARE SMART and most importantly

Do not try to fall into the delusion that it
would have been better if you were like
someone else , if you had money , if your
marriage was perfect , if you had the best
of friends but know that YOU ARE
everything in your life just define YOU.

Now don’t forget two wrongs never make
a right , treat others how you want to be
treated and one later regrets most things
said in anger.

Deal with life issues well , deal with that
friend well , deal with those colleagues
well , deal with neighbors right , deal
with that fiance or fiancee right ,deal with
your spouse right ’cause you and only you
is in charge of YOU and everything that
goes on with YOU.