Ekemini, the 13-year-old girl pregnant girl
(pictured with Hope) who was rescued by Danish
aid worker, Anja Ringgren Loven and her husband
David Emmannuel Umem, will be undergoing a
caesarean section operation because doctors
discovered that the position of her baby in the
uterus is not normal.

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Moreover, her pelvis is not
completely developed due to her young age.

Anja’s post below:

“Last week I told you about Ekemini, a 13 year
old pregnant girl whoDavid Emmanuel Umem and
our team rescued and brought to DINNødhjælp/
ACAEDF Childrens Home in Nigeria.
Since we rescue this beautiful young girl we took
her to the hospital for examination.

The doctors discovered that the position of her
baby in the uterus is not normal, so she will not
be able to deliver her baby vaginally. So next
week Thursday Ekemini will have a caesarean
section operation. Besides that, because of
Ekemini´s very young age her pelvis is not
completely developed so if she deliver her baby
vaginally the labour might be prolong, and where
there is prolong labour complications might set


As you also know Hope is also having an
operation. Hypospadias is an inborn condition in
which one has an incomplete developed urethra.
Urethral meatus opens incorrectly at various
locations along the underside of the penis,
scrotum or in the perineum. The doctors found
this inborn condition on Hope.
We have been waiting a very long time for Hope
to be operated, but always remember that we are
living in an area where the health system is not
working as you know it to do in the western world

On the 27 of May our nurse Rose will take Hope
to see the doctor for him to make all the
necessary tests on Hope that is needed before
his hypospadias operation. And after the tests
has been made a date for the operation will be

The caesarean operation of Ekemini and the
hypospadias operation of Hope is very expensive
so if you want to help us pay for the two
operations please make a donation to
DINNødhjælp through our website here: http://