Copied …


As I bounced entered d Exam hall,I had just one
prayer on my mind which is God pls let me sit
near a person that knows book,cos d stupid boy i
told to send me the answers on my phone looks
lyk who doesn’t have sense.

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God finaly answered
my prayer,d girl dat i sat with was an Albino &she
wore eyeglass dat has rope,so i knew for sure dat
she know book wella.


As d paper started,dis girl
started to misbehave o.She was just covering her
answer,but me as a sharp guy,i was spying d
answer from 1 deadly angle.when it remain just 5
minutes to go,this girl caught me copyin her
&started shouting @ me,but i just i ignored
her,since i had almost copied finish.d next thing
that i heard was my phone’s message tune.

guy has finally sent d answer,i sighed & then told
the invigilator to give Me a fresh answer booklet. I
then tore d 1 dat i copied frm d albino girl &used
the paper to stone Her.I kept d fresh booklet on
top my table & used 1 style to open d message,i

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