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Product Description
This Book is deliver in CD

Free Bonus 1 : Ebook (Download the Pdf of ”Get
Patent Right Faster and Free” to your
computer,phone,ipad,tablet and simultaneously
listen and read details for easy digest)

Free Bonus 2: Comprehensive Business Plan
Template and lists of NGO, Government,
Companies and International Organization
assisting Entrepreneurs with Grant, loan, Seed
Capital for startup and established Companies.

Author: Abiodun Quadri is recipient of 2015 Tony
Elumelu Foundation with Grant of $10, 000,
inventor of Quickmobilefood with Nigeria Patent

Right No: Rp16188, i2laundryBag with United
Kingdom Patent Pending No: GB 1405387.0,
BagnBin with United Kingdom

Patent Pending No:
GB 1405100.7

This book save you an approximately N250, 000
for processing Patent Application charge by
Patent attorney and lawyer!!!
How to get Patent right faster and free with ISBN:
9781310403422 is do it yourself manual that
explains step by step guide on how to turn ideas,
concepts, creativity or new products into world
class patent right like never before.

A very good material that guide on how to apply
for patent right in United State of America, United
Kingdom and other part of the world.

It’s package for everyday people and companies
that wants to contribute to the economy
development of the world through innovative
ideas. It very good source of information for
entrepreneurs, companies, research institutes,
manufacturers and inventors that want to have
portfolio of patent right which can be turn into
world class business like
facebook,Toyota,Blackberry,Microsoft and the
likes. Intellectual Property is only means to
secure, protect your business and generate huge
amount of money for longer period of time.

This is only eBook that empower startup to save
and secure idea and turn it into multinational
company by knowing the important and how to
explore intellectual property advantages.

It is a book that is useful in tertiary institution,
polytechnic, college of education, secondary and
primary school which will enable student to be
self-reliance and tap into his or her potential and
how to turn into business.

This book will assist on how to file patent right
application in Nigeria and other part of the world,
conduct patent search, designing, writing
invention specification and claims. It also contains
motivational message and additional information
on how to license patent right to third party.