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Sophie couldn’t stop crying when she
learnt about the death of a bosom friend ,
the circumstances surrounding her death
were absurd but what began to show case
after Lola’s death were even more
shocking . Sophie and Lola had been
friends since their teenage age . Sophie
had lost her parents when she was barely
sixteen and was taken in by Lola and her
nanny . Lola was also an orphan but was
taken care of by her nanny , you see to
say Lola’s parents were rich was an
understatement , Lola’s parents were
extremely wealthy . They had willed
everything to Lola but seeing as age was
young , she and everything she had was
cared for by the nanny (Martha by name)
who was to hand it over to her when she
came of age .

Lola an Sophie had been
classmates AMD best friends since first
year of high school and as Lola couldn’t
watch her friend taken to the ‘home’ for
the orphaned , she decided to take her in.
Sophie had no relatives and she knew it
was better she stuck with Lola than go to
a shelter and ever since they’ve been
together. Sophie thought she knew
everything about Lola .

Everyone knew
they were inseparable , they were almost
like sisters but just some couple of weeks
ago Lola died in a car accident on her
30th birthday on her very own
Of course one would expect Sophie to
be shattered even I was shattered and I
wasn’t so close to Lola but what hurt
sophie more than Lola’s death was that
she was murdered by some insurgents. It
turned out after series of investigations
that Lola was the head of technology
communications and brain behind all the
cyber analysis of a popular insurgent
group the country have been trying to
fight for years . How Lola got entangled in
such a mess I don’t know , I dont think we
can find out now seeing as she’s dead and
cant be questioned . I can’t seem to get
why she was also killed by the same guys
she worked with.
I guess you don’t really know anyone
, we just think we do . Man is the most
unpredictable and mysterious creature.


Lola was a philanthropist , she would help
set up empowerment platform for youths
, women . She would assist the
Government with funew to fight the
insurgents . Many a times she would go to
affected areas and the people in diaspora
and that got me thinking was she mocking
these people because I honestly don’t get
why Lola of all people would turn out like
this . I have learnt this though THE HEART
most people struggle to do good , to be
good. It is now a war between good and
bad in one , the more one associates
oneself with bad company , the more one
feed oneself with negative , the more one
empowers the evil , wicked and bad
nature in man to win . In order for good
to rule and overcome , you have to steer
clear of negatives .

Also do not expect too much from
anybody and anyone . The best of MAN is
MAN , it will always be man . Man is not
God ,man is not a machine and man will
always be man .

A person said and I quote ” I have always
expected more from people I thought
highly of and many a times I got
disappointed ,now I just decide not to
expect too much from anybody as the
best if man is man”

Keep this in my mind and what that
person thought would Break u , won’t ,
you know why ? Because you don’t think
too much of anybody.
Do not be like Sophie who is currently
having therapy classes because she was so
broken by what happened with Lola .

Fifteen years and she didn’t have the
slightest clue that the person she lived
with , the philanthropist , the person she
admired , the person who was like her
sister ,mother , father ,brother and
relative altogether , the person whom she
owed her life to, the person who was
always there for her , the person who
picked her up , her best friend was a
terrorist .

Also just be careful who you associate
with , be careful of to whom you give
your heart to , be careful of all those you
just let into your life and don’t expect too
much from anybody and everybody and
keep yourself from getting hurt.
Stay happy today . You are the most
wonderful creature on the planet when you
smile . You own yourself and have control
over yourself .


Do not let anyone hurt you