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Dear Single Lady,
How has been your week so far? I trust it’s been a
blessed one, may you experience God’s move in
all that you do for the rest of the week.


I welcome you to this week’s Single lady series,
may you never fail as a Single In Jesus Name.
Enjoy the rest of the article as I take you through
this wonderful topic.

Single Ladies Series:

“Eunice and James are close friends with no
James is young Christian brother who finished
from a University and got a job as a lecturer in a
polytechnic. No doubt he is handsome and he is
loved by all because of his diligence, intelligence
and commitment to his work coupled with his
discipline nature and contagious thirst for God. He
is just too good in whatever he does that
everybody seem to be at peace with him.
Eunice is a beautiful Christian sister who is as
equally disciplined when it comes to upholding
moral values. She is a student in the Polytechnic
where James happens to be a lecturer, she is in
fact his student and attends his lectures but they
never knew each other one on one.
Then Eunice was to start her project and she went
to check for the name of her supervisor and it was
indeed brother James.

As time went by, she and brother James became
close friends. They would talk about life,
profession and even the scriptures. No doubt it
was a healthy relationship and it went smooth
with each day bringing it’s own intimacy.
Then she graduated and left school, they still
remained close friends even if they don’t get to
see frequently. After some time Eunice went into a
relationship with another guy and being her first
relationship she informed her friend James
(Lecturer), although he tried convincing her to wait
for one more year before engaging in any
relationship but she didn’t listen probably because
she felt she has already been patient enough and
she already desires to have a man of her own.

new relationship went on cool and she would
share almost every part of it with her friend
James, and he would remind her always of the
need to maintain her ground and not allow sexual
immorality in her relationship. James started
seeing signs that Eunice would soon fall into
temptation and would continually tell her. It
started becoming evident and the Holy Spirit
opened Eunice eyes and she called the relationship
quit. So she went back to being a single sister,
but her friendship with James became stronger
that people started noticing and would ask Eunice
what was going on between them but she kept
saying nothing. Eunice started having dreams
about James and it looked like God was telling her
something about James ( probably he is the man
we have been waiting for), and the funny gist is
James was acting in like manner and it looked like
a confirmation to Eunice. She even prayed about it
and she thought she heard God confirm to her
that James was her husband.
Eunice now almost believed that James is her God
ordained husband and James never acted
otherwise, they would talk for long hours every
day and James would give her gist about almost
everything going on with him likewise Eunice.
James already sensed it yet would make no
attempt of proving her wrong, was he enjoying it ?

Eunice would ask him who the intending sister is
and he would tell her not to bother that when the
time comes she would know, he would even
speak to her in parables . So, Eunice kept
assuming she was the one but God so much
loved her that He started helping her mature
spiritually and she started getting exposed some
teachings on relationships just like you are right
now and she realized that she had been living on
assumptions. James never opened his mouth
once to tell her she is the one he has been
waiting for but she had already assumed he is her
husband. When she started snapping out of her
assumptions after listening to many teachings and
reading books on relationships, she finally became
bold to discuss issues concerning her husband
with James and she made it clear to him she
doesn’t know him yet and believes God to reveal
him to her. ”
Would you believe that it was right there James
opened his mouth to tell her that God brought her
to his path for a purpose but he isn’t sure it is for
him to become her husband and that he had
observed all the time Eunice was assuming she he
was her husband and yet he did not say a word.
Who exactly do you think is to blame?
Do you think that he is cruel? Why did he keep
quiet and allowed Eunice to believe the lie that
long? Was he afraid of losing their friendship? Or
did he just enjoy seeing Eunice like that?

To the single ladies, I put Eunice to blame for
letting down her guard and assuming what is not.
Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge
therefore you cannot center and act on it.
No lady should ever pause her life for one man
who has not even said a word yet just like Eunice
did. She must have closed her heart to every
other man that had come her way during those
times simply because she believed in her
assumptions about James.

Some ladies are so close to some brothers even
in church that they would make it look like you
need a Visa to intrude into their conversation.
This is a very bad act, in James case,he might
simply be afraid of losing the friendship and so
was willing to not hurt her and keep the
friendship. But the truth in many cases is that
some brothers will not enter and yet will not allow
those that want to enter to enter. I could
remember in a singles’ message I listened to
sometimes ago title ‘common sense ‘ the minister
said referring to the brothers ‘if you are not willing
to browse the site, then leave the site’ and to the
sisters ‘don’t allow one brother to monopolize
your S pace’.
It could be that the brother is taking his time to
be sure you are the right one for him, good but
that should not take eternity now, should it?
Please know that a husband is not a man but a
spirit in a man and not every man has that spirit
in him even if he speaks in tongues more than
Apostle Paul.
I pray the Lord will separate you from every
Eunice living inside of you in Jesus name and
every Ishmael that has to go for Isaac to come in
will leave right now In Jesus name. Your time will
not be wasted.
I celebrate and love you
Yours sincerely,

Adeleke Bukola Christiana

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I celebrate and love you
Yours sincerely,

Adeleke Bukola Christiana





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