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Dear Single Lady,
I welcome you to this week Single ladies’ series, and I pray that as you read through this article it will fall on a good soil in your life to yield good fruits In Jesus Name.

Sit back and relax as we treat this topic piece by piece.

courtship wat u need to kw
GETTING IT RIGHTAre you already in courtship with a man you believe is the right one for you? Then you need to check this out and at the close of this article, we will know whether you are right or wrong.

Do you know his head?
Is Christ his head and not Money or Fame?
Does he feel comfortable with what your purpose?
Does he complain at all times that you devote too much time to the things of God?
Do you love the things of God more than he does?
Does he give more time and attention to his job than he gives to the work of God?
Do you always have to cajole him before he prays and study the word of God?
Does he get angry unnecessarily and ignores you for days or weeks because you made a mistake?
Does he complain always when you make mistakes and transfer aggression on others?
Does he shut you up when he speaks because he feels he is making a point?
Does he always believe he is right and every other person is wrong including you?
Does he hide your identity from important personalities in his life and calls you his friend or sister in their presence ?
Does he reject corrections when rebuked?
Does he normally shift his responsibilities to you?
Does he leave you to do the spiritual exercise alone saying spirituality is for ladies?
Does he call you bluff when you try to report him to his Pastor or his Mentor?
Is he accountable to anyone?
Has he ever slapped or hit you at least once because he is angry?
Have you ever seen him take alcohol at least once, saying some alcoholic wines are good for the heart?
Has he ever asked or pressurized you for sex?

If your answer to all or any of these questions is Yes, then I think you need to check that relationship and be sure it was God that spoke to you about the brother and not your senses.

Which of the word of God conform with this attributes , did the Bible not tell us that our body is the temple of Christ? Why then shall you defile His temple because of a brother? -1Corithians 15:16.

He tells you that he takes alcohol because he heard that it is good for the body and the heart and you believed also? Are you not aware that the percentage of alcohol the body needs is already in most of the food we consume like Rice and even Tomato? Did the Bible not talk about giving wine to him who is ready to perish and that wine is a mocker?- Proverbs 20:1, 31:6.
Have you not heard in the bible how the two daughters of Lot got him drunk and went in with him only to conceive children who later became the sworn enemies of the Isrealites?

Do you still think you can’t leave him because he is Charming?
Then I’m sorry to announce to you that the difference between Charming and Harming is letter ‘C’. The brother who is Charming today can begin to Harm you tomorrow.

There’s a man God has created for you, all you need to do is wait for Him and become so hidden in God that the brother has to seek Christ in order to find you. Don’t forget that marrying the wrong person can take you to hell.

Please get it right and better!!!!

Yours sincerely,
Adeleke Bukola Christiana (Bukkytrendz)