7 reasons Nigerians are obsessed with Suya.


There is no denying that a trip to Nigeria is not
complete without a taste of Suya.


The long thin
cut of beef, marinated in delicious spices and
grilled over red-hot coals, has over the years
become one of the favorite street foods
by locals in the country.

You can hardly go 3
miles around certain cities, including cities
outside the Northern region where it is said to
originate from, without catching a whiff of its
tantalizing aroma in the air.
Actually, Suya is one
foods in the country that is enjoyed to all and
sundry irrespective of age, sex, ethnic group or

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If you are visiting and wondering what the fuss
about this mouth-watering delicacy,,
Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal reveals

7 reasons Nigerians are obsessed with Suya.

1. It is absolutely delicious
Unless your taste buds are numb, the taste of
Suya on your tongue is one you will remember
for the rest of your life. A nibble fills your mouth
with a burst of flavor and the luscious taste of
meat. Also, the cayenne pepper and ginger adds
some zing, making it eternally palatable.

2. It comes in several varieties
Suya is far from boring. It comes in different
varieties! Suya can be made with skewered beef,
ram, chevon or chicken. Vegetarians even have
their veggie Suya made with mushrooms.

3. It can be combined with almost anything
Suya is one food you can combine with
From bread, to salad, rice and soaked garri, it
serves as the perfect combo. Nigerians have
since found creative ways to make the most of
this tasty delight. Some chefs now include Suya
as an ingredient on other recipes.


4. It is affordable
No matter how fancy or grand the sales point,
Suya is always affordable, and it is no secret
Nigerians love anything affordable. Along the
street, you can get a stick for as low as
or ask a ‘mallam’ to cut a small portion worth
about N100 for you. The sellers who prepare
theirs indoors are more expensive, they are
at fancy store and malls. However, the highest
you can purchase a stick of suya probably is
N2,000. Suya basically gives you gastronomic
fulfillment at an affordable price.

5. It is the perfect finger food for any occasion
From birthdays to weddings, private parties and
cook-outs, there is literally no Nigerian event
where Suya cannot fit in on the menu. It is
served as finger food alongside small chops,
samosa and spring rolls.


6. You can buy it anywhere
Suya is one delicacy that is not hard to find in
Nigeria. It is sold at almost every corner of the
major cities in Nigeria. The tastiest are found on
the street as open air tends to add to its aroma
and taste. Usually, you have so many spots to
pick from and the locals are always willing to
advise you on whose suya is the most palatable.
Again, the ingredients for making them are easy
to find as well, so those who are hygiene
conscious can just make it for themselves at


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7. There is no such thing as bad Suya
Suya never tastes bad. Even when it is not
properly marinated or properly grilled, it still
the consumer a measure of satisfaction. The
aroma alone can make the stars at night shine

By Ndem Nkem, Travel/Tech Writer


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